7 Signs He’s Not That Into You

7 Signs He’s Not That Into You

7 signs he’s not that into you

One of the most frustrating positions for anyone to be in is wondering if the guy you’re pursuing is into you or not.

Your natural reaction is to defend his distant behaviour (“Oh he’s just busy” or “too shy”) but actually these excuses aren’t helping you. You need a man who’s into you not around you.

So if you’re wondering why he hasn’t made the move yet, continue reading because we have gathered 7 obvious signs which indicate that he’s just not that into you. 

1. He blue ticks you on Whatsapp

You send him a cute message on whatsapp only to see he’s read it and not replied. Yep, the infamous blue ticks. Torture! Of course, we can all be busy but if he leaves you hanging for hours, he’s not not playing it cool, he’s just not that into you.


2. You talk to your Huggle matches way more

If your recent Huggle match is sending you messages more than the guy you’re pursuing, this is a big indication that he’s just not into you. if this is the case, why not take your Huggle match up on his offer to go on a date ? You both have things in common, which is why you matched - unlike that f**k boy who can’t even text you back!

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3. Sometimes you’ll go days without hearing from him

Then you wake up one morning to see he’s liked three of your instagram pics. What is this head f**k? If a guy is into you, he will make the effort to text or call you, at least once a day. Not when he’s bored or can be bothered!

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4. His phone is always face down

Watch what he does with his phone when you’re with him. If it’s firmly in his pocket at all times or face down on the table, this is a sign that he’s probably also texting a lot of other girls that he’s also not into. 

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5. He’s flakey

It’s almost impossible to make any plans with him because he either never commits or cancels on you at the last minute. if you’re not a priority now, you never will be. Delete his number and move on.

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6. He talks about his ex

Everyone has a past but it’s not acceptable if he talks about his ex way more than is comfortable. Whether he speaks negatively or positively, he should be aware that this is irrelevant to you. Trust the warning signs and run away from being a rebound.

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7. He won’t meet your friends

If he’s not meeting your friends it's because he doesn’t see it necessary, because guess what! He’s not just not that into you.


P.S - Don’t waste your time with someone who won’t make the effort or give you the time. You deserve someone who will walk the moon and back. Download Huggle and match with like-minded people who want to date you, not mess you around!




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