7 Dating App Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

7 Dating App Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

1.         Posting Your ‘Best’ Photo

Hot profile picture = maximum swipes right, right?! This might be correct but what about the next stages after swiping the screen? If like most of us you don’t always look like your favourite photo of yourself, it is best to pick natural photos so you can show everyone the real you. 

How To Avoid: While a selfie or two is inevitable on your dating profile, it is best to have a natural photo with no filters as your profile picture. Go for natural and happy as opposed to a well-angled pouty photo, to show the truest version of yourself.

2.         Being too picky

Going through a dry spell? Everyone has a type, but if you want to get out there and find yourself a date, it’s important to bend your rules a little to broaden your horizon.

How To Avoid: Rather than focusing on the colour of someone’s hair or the way they dress, take a look at how many mutual places you share on Huggle.  This is going to be a much better indication of whether you are compatible or not. Saves yourself from swiping left!

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3.         Pestering people who don’t respond

If they didn’t respond before, they will certainly not respond after you blow up their phone… Unless a strong worded message telling you to leave them alone is what you were after?

How to Avoid: Give it some time before you send a polite follow up message and if you still hear the crickets chirp, it wasn’t meant to be!

4.         Barely Clothed Profile Photos

We all have them – whether it’s a topless photo in the gym after a gruelling session or a swimwear picture from holiday. But trust us when we say this. Leaving little to the imagination is never a good idea, especially on your dating profile. 

How To Avoid: T-shirt? Check. Bottoms? Check. It’s really that easy.

5.         Thinking Spelling & Grammar Isn’t Important

If we told you there are companies out there who write people’s online dating bios, would you believe us?! A person’s bio is a huge component in determining someone’s decision whether to swipe left of right.  You may have a winning smile or deep blue eyes… but if your description is crippled with grammatical errors, it can come across as careless and lazy.

How to Avoid:  Think of it like an exam back in the school days …don’t rush, don’t panic and read over your writing at least twice.

6.         Telling life stories over messenger

Sure, it’s important to learn the fundamentals about a person before exchanging numbers and first dates… but revealing everything about you in essay length, over a messenger service will guarantee limited conversation and awkward silences when you eventually meet.

How to Avoid: Cut to the chase! Keep it simple and learn the basics, then get to know each other properly face-to-face. It’s a great motivator to pluck up the courage and ask them out on a date.

7.            Starting a conversation with ‘Hey how are you?’.

Whilst in a crowded bar on a Friday night ‘ Hey, how are you?’ might cut it… but on dating apps it does not. Being original from the get-go will ensure a much more interesting conversation (and serious brownie points).

How to Avoid: Huggle hands you your perfect conversation starter. Start with a question about your shared mutual place! If you enjoy going to the same places, it is likely you will have more shared interests. You’re welcome!



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