First, Second and Third Date Ideas

First, Second and Third Date Ideas

Dating is a fine art. Think of dating like the Hunger Games - only less blood, sweat and tears. Well maybe tears, if it doesn’t work out… 

What no one tells you when you grow up, is that there are several dating hurdles to clear before you can find “the one". If you weren’t aware, each date stage is VERY different. First you’ve got to like one another, then you’ve got to have things in common, then you’ve got to enjoy doing those things that you have in common together. *Panics inside* 

Don’t worry though. We’re here to take you through what you can do and where you can go to ensure your date goes well...


So you both find each other attractive. That’s great but do you both ‘click’?  Talking is the key part to date numero uno – so it’s important to keeping this in mind when choosing your location. Cinemas and theatres are great but they don’t give enough opportunity to chat to one another. Try these ideas to find out if you like each other enough to move on to date number two:

Casual Dinner

A Coffee Shop

Pedalo In The Park


The date went well. You’ve played it cool, waited 24 hours, and now have asked to meet them again. They accept! Except, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The pressure is now on because this stage is the deal breaker and stakes are raised (before things get all emotional). The second date is an opportunity to dig deeper - beyond the squeaky clean mask that is first worn when you meet each other.  It’s important to do something a little more stimulating on your second date to keep things interesting. Think of this as seeing whether you connect doing things together and whether or not your interests are compatible… 

Wine Tasting

Rent Bikes

Visit A Museum

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It’s time to seal the deal lovebirds! The third date is the final hurdle as to what will determine whether or not you and your date could be potential lovers. The butterflies should have started to fade slightly and the SULA start to dry. This is the stage where you let your hair down, express yourself and prove you’re ready for this relationship. Which means having lots of fun together and throwing in a bit of romance when needed … Yay!

Theme Park

Cooking Dinner

Spa Day

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