The Modern Language of Love

The Modern Language of Love

Long gone are the days when dating was simple. There’s a whole new dictionary associated with the social affair… you will find a word for every milestone, possible situation and type of person you may find on your dating journey. In case you’re not quite fluent in the language of modern love, we’ve compiled a list of the newest and hottest lingo so you can get on board.

Bae (n/adj.)

A very popular term of endearment. What many people don't know is that bae actually stands for 'before anyone else'. So when they say, 'Pizza is bae', they mean they put food before family members. 

Eg. "I met this guy on Huggle. He is my new bae". 

Benching (v.)

Benching means exactly the same as it does in a sports game. If you bench someone it means they're your sub, your Plan B . You're not fully ready to commit and want to keep your options open. If you get benched it can be hard to tell as the communication is still there, however the slow texting, reluctancy to meet IRL and continuous cancelling of plans can be a big clue.

Eg. 'I'm speaking to a few people so I'm benching her until I'm ready to commit'. 

Breadcrumbing (v.)

Serial breadcrumbers know exactly how to get into your head without any real romantic intentions. 'Breadcrumbs' can be found in the form of flirty texts, Instagram likes and DM's, which in reality take little to no effort. They'll strategically drop one breadcrumb at a time to keep them on your radar but that's as far as it will go. Savage right?!

Eg. 'I've got no plans tonight so I'm going to start breadcrumbing a few people'. 

Catfishing (v.)

Catfishing is the act of hiding behind a different identity online. Some cases can be as extreme as stealing someone else's photos and name in order to communicate with others. On the other hand, someone who is extremely photogenic, and looks different IRL, can also be described as a catfish.  Some dating apps such as Huggle have safety features that don't allow the more extreme cases of catfishing, so you can be sure you're speaking to someone genuine!

Eg. 'I think this guy is catfishing me, I'm sure I've seen this photo on Google!'

Cuffing Season (n.)

If you thought Halloween and Christmas were the only thing to look forward to in the winter months, then you haven't heard of Cuffing Season. Cuffing Season takes place during the coldest, most depressing part of the year and is a period where most new relationships start. Even the most promiscuous of people long for someone to snuggle under the duvet and hibernate with. 

Eg. 'I might be single now, but Cuffing Season is right around the corner!'.

Deal breakers (n.)

We might not admit it, but everyone has them. A deal breaker is a catch, issue or flaw in a potential suitor that can not be overlooked and outweighs any potential for a relationship to blossom. No matter how perfect someone is, nothing gets passed a deal breaker. 

Eg. 'I can't date this guy, he's written his height in his bio! That's a deal breaker for me'. 

DTR (v.)

DTR stands for 'defining the relationship', and is an inevitable talk that takes place around the 4th date mark. 'Where is this going?', 'What does this mean?' are popular conversation starters when tackling this topic. It is very important to DTR so all parties are on the same page and can ultimately result in taking things to the next level.

Eg. 'I think it's time to DTR'.

Friend zoning (v.)

If "I just like you as a friend" or "I don't want to ruin our friendship" rings a bell, then you've likely fallen victim to friend zoning. The act of friend zoning, is putting someone in a categorical box where you feel absolutely no feelings towards them and could never see them as anything other than a friend. Once you're in the friend zone there is a very slim chance you'll escape it. 

Eg. "He wants to hang-out in a big group... he's definitely friend zoning me!".

Fuckboy (n.)

The 'fuckboy' is becoming an increasingly popular breed of millennial male. We wouldn't wish a fuckboy on the worst of our enemies. They're likely to be motivated by sex, lead girls on, cause heartbreak and ultimately feel very little remorse for it. WARNING: They will initially come off very sweet and charming to lure you into their trap. 

Eg. "We had the best date but I haven't heard from him since. He's definitely a fuckboy". 

Ghosting (v.)

Similar to the white, spooky monsters you see in movies... ghosters come and go as they please. Rather than the awkward explanation as to why it's not working for them, they virtually pack their bags and leave, never to be seen again. It's definitely the easiest of escape's but probably the most painful for the receiver. 

Eg. 'She hasn't replied for two weeks, she's ghosting me'. 

SAF (adj.)

This is the newest volume of measurement for how single someone is. As an abbreviation for Single As F*ck, it truly emphasises a person's lack of sexual interaction with another being. 

Eg. "I'm going to download Huggle because I'm SAF"

Slow Fade (v.)

'Letting down gently', is a phrase that best describes the slow fade method of departure. Unlike ghosting, when a person realises they don't want to pursue a relationship any further they slowly, gently fade out until the whole thing fizzles completely. I think we're all guilty of this one. 

Eg. 'I'm not interested anymore, I'm going to have to pull a slow fade'. 

Swerve (v.)

Similar to when you swerve out the way of a badger in the road... you are the car and your pursuer is the badger. To swerve means to avoid somebody who is making moves on you, at all costs. 

Eg. 'She hasn't replied for months and now wants to hang-out? I'm going to swerve her.'

Thirst Trap (n.)

A thirst trap is a photo or post that is uploaded with the intentions of receiving heaps of attention, (think holiday bikini photo). The traps are usually set post break-up or on those days you need a little extra ego boost. 

Eg. 'My ex has a new girlfriend. I'm going to have to set a thirst trap'.

Zombieing (v.)

Zombieing is when someone who used to be present on your dating scene, virtually dies and returns to life after a period of time. You'll just have forgotten their existence when they pop back up in your DM's with a winky face. 

Eg. I uploaded a new selfie and now all these ghosters are zombieing me!'.

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