10 guys you’ll find on Huggle

10 guys you’ll find on Huggle

Want to meet like-minded people who share your interests and lifestyle? Well, look no further, because dating app Huggle connects you to people who go to the same places as you!

The concept is very simple: sign in using your Facebook account, pick your best photos and five favourite places. Then you can then start swiping through people’s profiles (who you have places in common with) or look through your list of places to discover who else goes there. 

Huggle works by automatically checking you in and then adds these locations to your list of places. It’s up to you if you want to swipe left/right, check out their profile or send them a message.

So if you’re new to Huggle and wondering who might be on the app - we thought we’d give you a little guide in who you are likely to meet on Huggle...

…And here are the 10 guys you are likely to find:

10. The Animal Lover

BIO: Looking for my own Mother Nature.

PLACES IN COMMON: Cats and dogs home, wildlife park and dog cafe.

This guy certainly loves his dog but probably not enough to bring the dog on your first date (unless you ask, of course) (please ask)! He’s definitely a softie and will expect you to like animals too, so don’t swipe left if you’re not keen on long wildlife trecks or the smell of dog food…


9. The Fitness Junkie

BIO: Love to workout, eat healthy and workout!

PLACES IN COMMON: Gym, gym, gym.

If you match with fitness fanatic then this means you are a fitness fanatic too, because on Huggle you only connect when you have a place(s) in common - duh! So if you’re looking for someone to spot you whilst at the gym and share their protein powder with, then this guy is for you!


8. The Party Animal

BIO: Just having fun and loving life! Nightlife. Day Drinking…

PLACES IN COMMON:  Clubs in Vegas, Miami, Ibiza and LA.

You guys matched because of your love for partying. But is your liver really ready to keep up with this party animal? If it is, go to your favourite bar and start the partying antics now…see you next week when you finally get back!


7. The Hipster

BIO: Some reference to music and probably some cool place no one’s ever heard of. 

PLACES IN COMMON: Quirky coffee shops, art gallery and some music festival no one has heard of.

You probably have a coffee shop in common or you went to the same gig or art gallery. This guy is an introvert so he probably won’t ask to meet you for at least 2 weeks. FYI if you like a guy with mystery, this guy is for you. You’ll never know what he’s really thinking!


6. The Smart Guy

BIO: A quote that only someone really educated will understand.

PLACES IN COMMON: Book shop, TedTalk event, Opera.

This guy enjoys going to the theatre and having one glass of small wine on the weekend. This guy loves to be educated and wants someone equally just as smart. That’s you!!


5. The Adventurer

BIO: Love the outdoors and nature!

PLACES IN COMMON: Kilamanjaro and Bondi Beach.

Ok, so you need to be quite energetic to have matched with this dude. He loves long walks, bootcamps, climbing mountains and doing hard core activities. 


4. The Foodie

BIO: Food is life!

PLACES IN COMMON: All of your favourite restaurants.

This guy, loves to eat and cook. He knows all of the best restaurants in town and knows every single recipe on the planet. Expect to eat out at least 4 times a week…


3. The Musician

BIO: Lyrics.

PLACES IN COMMON: Festivals, gigs, concerts (anything musical).

This guy’s life is music. He’s up to date on all the latest indie music and still buys records. Get your vocal chords ready as he might as you to be a backing singer for his band.


2. The Workaholic

BIO: His job title.


Ok, so you’ve matched with a colleague who you’ve secretly fancied for a while. That’s ok, as long as you guys have other places in common which aren’t just the office...


1. The perfect guy

BIO: He leaves this blank because he doesn’t need to sell himself.

PLACES IN COMMON: He goes to all of your favourite places.

Wow! How have you guys not met? He goes to all of your favourite haunts and likes everything you like. You guys were meant to be! Do we hear wedding bells?

EVENT:  Huggle X Summer Social

EVENT: Huggle X Summer Social

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