Dating In Your 20’s Vs. Your 30’s

Dating In Your 20’s Vs. Your 30’s

Dating is part and parcel of everyones single life. Put it this way, you have to date a few frogs before you find your Prince! Whilst everyone dates at some point, your views and what constitutes as a successful date change between your twenties and thirties. Which age do you think sounds more appealing to tie yourself down?

First Dates

In your 20’s… A first date is one of the most gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking events you face. Although you know once you meet things will go smoothly, in the hour run-up you would prefer the ground to just swallow you whole. 

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In your 30’s… You’re a pro. First dates are an absolute breeze and come as naturally as going for a coffee with your mates. You can truly look forward to spending the evening with someone new, whilst getting to know each other over a glass of Vino.



In your 20s… you want your potential new Bae to have aspiration! You want them to have goals and to be working their way up the ladder to success in whatever it is they want to do. Nobody wants to be with anyone who is happy to settle.

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In your 30’s… you want someone who’s got their sh*t together! You don’t want someone who is aspiring to be someone they're not yet... you need someone who’s reached all their goals and has surpassed them.

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In your 20’s… you put up with A LOT of bad behaviour from your dates and relationships. They may have called you their exes name or they may have burped at the table...You let these things slide because we all make mistakes right?! 

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In your 30’s… you don’t put up with anything. One strike… you’re out.

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In your 20’s … There is an unspoken rule that you should typically wait until the third date to have sex. And that’s taking it slow! The idea is treat 'em mean keep 'em keen, but in your 20's sometimes the flame can fizzle if you leave it too long!

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In your 30’s… Slow and steady wins the race. There's no need to rush and the longer you wait it out, the more likely it is the relationship will last. 

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In your 20’s… You can get ever so slightly… obsessed? Phone communication plays a much bigger part in dating than in your 30's. You analyse every word of every message and count the seconds in between each one. Rest assured if they take an hour to reply you will take two. 

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In your 30’s… You are extremely level headed when it comes to the beginning of a relationship. Slow reply? He's probably working or with his friends. In your 30's it's not necessary to communicate all day, every day over the phone. Conversation in person is 100 times more valuable. 

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In your 20’s… appearance plays a massive part in who you pick for your next suitor. It’s hard to resist the person who makes you stutter and go weak at the knees. 

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In your 30’s… looks might play a part, but ultimately what you want is a good person with good character.  Someone who treats you like a real lady/man! Looks definitely fall behind personality and compatibility on the priority list.

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In your 20’s… you do everything you can to be the hottest person for your date. You work out, get your hair blown out and prepare your outfit the week before. Only after date 4 or 5 may the barriers slip, revealing your true human self. 

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In your 30’s… you realise that the person you want to be with should accept you for who you are. We’re not saying you don’t care at all about what you look like, but it’s better to be true to yourself to save anyone from disappointment when you start to get more comfortable down the line.

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First Date Guide

First Date Guide