Freshers Week Survival Guide

Freshers Week Survival Guide

5 Reasons Why You Need Huggle App To Survive Fresher’s Week!

1.     I’m Going To Be Alone Forever!

Although you may be surrounded by crazy students, it’s likely at some point, you will feel a bit lonely during Fresher’s Week. If at any point you fancy expanding your social circle or just want to be nosey and see who else goes to your University, download Huggle! Huggle lets you discover and connect with people who go to the same places as you. Whether that’s your gym, library, SU or favourite nightclub – Huggle works everywhere! Fantastic!

2.     You Meet The Love of Your Life 

Huggle automatically picks up the places that you go to and shows you all the people who go there too. So whether you cross paths with the love of your life at the library, or forget to take their number whilst you’re busy raving at the SU party - download Huggle to reconnect with the people that you meet or don’t meet… Phew!

3.     Your Assignment Deadline Is Tomorrow And You Haven’t Even Started

So you weren’t listening in your lecture class and you have no idea what your assignment is about! Fear not, Huggle has your back. Next time you’re pretending to concentrate in your lecture, open up Huggle and discover who else is in your class and who is actually listening. So when the time does come when you need help with Uni work; you can message people in your class and ask them “WTF am I supposed to be doing?!”

4.     Being Popular Is Hard!

Ok, so you’ve decided to join the basketball, rugby, cheerleading and pottery team as well as go to every SU Party. You’re now basically best friends with everyone at your Uni. The only problem is you’re struggling to remember everyone’s name, let alone where you met them! Don’t be that person who calls someone by the wrong name. Use Huggle to help remind you who your new friends are and where you met them. Huggle not only shows you their profile photo, bio and friends in common, it also shows you your places in common. MI5 will be so proud of your detective skills!

5.     Explore Your Surroundings

Psstt you can use Huggle outside of Uni! So don’t just spend all your time on campus. Get out and explore the area outside of your Uni. Discover and meet people everywhere you go. You little social butterfly!


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